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Partners combines testing and product certifications with exclusive promotional offers and other tools and resources to help you and your agency grow.

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With Partners, getting certified is always free, and you can take exams on-the-go using a smartphone or tablet.

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We’ll tell you which of your clients’ accounts qualify for AdWords promotional offers. You can also send offer codes to potential clients via email.


Stay up-to-date with industry insights, case studies, and fresh marketing resources directly from Google.

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Help our engineers shape the future of AdWords and other Google business solutions, and be among the first to try new features and products.

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1Link your MCC

An MCC account is required to set up your company on Partners and access AdWords promotional offers. Be sure to link your clients’ AdWords accounts to your MCC. Create an MCC Learn about linking accounts

2Verify your +Page

We’ll use your Google+ Page to help build your company’s profile on Google Partners. Create a Google+ Page Learn about +Page verification

3Pick an admin

Identify who will set up and manage your company on Partners. Learn more

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After you join Partners, become certified in AdWords to help your company get one step closer to earning the Partner badge. Learn about certification